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A tedious life

All over again It comes on u The sigh ,the blindness The lost stand The focus And the flowing pain All over again It comes on u With the new episode open Just a second over The life is twisted Will it be up Can be down All over again It comes on u A breathless day Plays gone Fun and friends vanished Freedom over All over again It comes on u Screams and shouts Scared heart Trembled and shivered Insomnia All over again It comes on u Choosen and chose A mate ,a partner A life spoiler A day dreamer All over again It comes on u All vanished and finished ..... LOST n LOST

I need a one.

I need a day, So I need a support, May be a friend or can Be a mate, A soft shoulder to lay on, A heart to listen me, A tongue to soothe me, A calm behaviour , With those tiny hands, Can make my burden less, My heart is heavy, Need just a hand, Need someone to hear me out, I am quite down, With the emotions flowing, A true friend or a one, Who can make me feel happy, I need a one , I need a one.......
The void is becoming much and more big, Aloness stands firm, A guilt , Roads blocked and curves are so blind...... I need a way , I need a way.....
Shall I take a back off, I don't see anything going good, I don't feel love any more, I don't see any responsibility around, I don't feel any more safe, I don't feel that happiness, I don't find any bond, I don't feel y I miss my parents more, I don't know y I feel my decision was wrong...... Over done and over occupied with my mind fight.


Do I reall feel alone, With a child and a family, Am I lost some where, The way I used to be, Among the crowd, Am I alone and so alone, Will the life be so, Or it has some curves, And why my eyes are always watery, Is that I am taking life so seriously , Are we here to play the part , And return to king, Or do I miss my home town, Or the pampering of my parents, So do I miss the fight with siblings, A way back I have felt that warm hug, With the words flowing down, We are together , Am I still alone so alone ...