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Had a refrehing morning ..

Early in the morning rushed up for welcoming ADB team in "The Lalit Grand Palace"...It was so refreshing,cold breeze,greenery,fresh air.
The only 5* hotel in Srinagar,formerly the palace residence of the Maharajas, is ringed by the majestic Himalayan ranges and overlooks the picturesque Dal Lake. Originally built in 1910, this twin storey heritage property with its sprawling lawns has been carefully restored to its former glory and is today a full facility destination.
The Lalit Grand Palace Srinagar is a property of Bharat hotels The Lalit Grand Palace Srinagar, overlooks the famous dal lake. The 125 room 'heritage' property 15 kms from the airport, is located adjacent to the Governor's House and just minutes from the city's other historic attractions like Shankaracharya Te…

Wedding Passbook

Monica married Nick this day. At the end of the wedding party, Monica's mother gave her a newly opened bank saving passbook with Rs.1000 deposit amount.

Mother: 'Monica, take this passbook. Keep it as a record of your marriage life. When there's something happy and memorable happened in your new life, put some money in. Write down what it's about next to the line. The more memorable the event is, the more money you can put in. I've done the first one for you today. Do the others with Nick.

When you look back after years, you can know how much happiness you've had.'

Monica shared this with Nick when getting home. They both thought it was a great idea and were anxious to know when the second deposit can be made. This was what they did after certain time:

* 7 Feb: Rs.100, first birthday celebration for Nick after marriage
* 1 Mar: Rs.300, salary raise for Monica
* 20 Mar: Rs.200, vacation trip to Bali
* 15 Apr: Rs.2000, Monica got pregnant
* 1 Jun: Rs.1000, Ni…

I accept !!!

I consent publicly, Those Fraudulent affection, My switched behavior , Concealment between us, Verities of our relation, Nearness, That show off, Long trips, Freaking out , Deep power of telepathy, Those nights out, Long drives, Same feeling type, Planned outings, Tales, Changes cultivated, Compromises, Forfeiture, Essences of unitedly, Corroborate all along, Smiles and laughs, Long walks all alone, Whispering in ears, Kisses , Rainy seasons, Tears tricking down, Phone calls, Forethought for every concern thing, Head on shoulder , Yachting together, All those persistent time......Was all Fake between us, I never had happy relation, Pretending made it so, I wanted to take steps back, Long back, Your  Dictation, Domination, Autocratic behavior, Oppressive, Tyrannical way, Your way of living, Forced on me, Never bothered about my problems, Never listen to me, Never cared for me, And this is all truth ............

Distances ,

Those early morning rays,
Bed tea,
Song in modulation,
Whooshing sound by tree leaves,
Waves and tides,
Coconut  tree at the bank,
Small boat roaring across,
Wooden bridge,
Hanging tress,
Park in front of window,
Road side bench,
Those sandy beeches,
Road aside those kids,
Far away that old couple ,hand in hand,
Bike ride,
On lonely road,
Summer  rain,
One single blanket,
Missing candle night dinner,
Dark night,
Morning breeze.....

Makes me to remember the far away distance between

Trials and chances ...

Let me see the possibilty of our intimacy:-

1) I tucked the first petal ----------------Do i knock you when you are alone-----------NAH
2) Then the second petal in my hand------------Am i there in your heart as a friend----NAH.
3) the third petal-----------------Do you breath heavily ?----------------NAH.
4) Errrrrr....fourth petal ------------------------Do you look for me in crew ?-----------NAH.
5) Oh now its fifth petal------------------------Do you only think about me ?-----------NAH.
6) Sixth petal----------------------------------Do you wait for me ?--------------------NAH.
7) Seventh petal-------------------------------Do you dream about me?----------------NAH.
8) ooohh it's eighth petal-----------------------Do tears well up in your eyes for me ?---NAH.
9) Ninth petal---------------------------------Do you want your pain to kiss away ?----NAH.
10) Gosh its Tenth petal-----------Do you rool down your body and turn to steam ?----NAH.
11) Its going to over--guess…

Unuttered Feelingz ..

Traveled and roamed
to discover where do i belong to
far away could see you
that was just a shadow ,
you were in real far...infact very far.............

Should i again take the leap
to make you call back to home
my eyes, blink to see you
I'd do uncertain things
to make you mine............................................

Look for certainty
feel what do i say
touch the tears
see the depth of lies
where do you find yourself
when there on the pedestal you are,
with all fake reality

Different faces of yours
doesn't allow you to see the truth
you can get me back close to you
but your eyes are closed
your heart is strong.

Under those twinkling stars,
They make me feel your absence
no doubt how far you are,
just makes me tremble
i try not to fix your face
but still i do

Sad chores of song
i wonder how do i live my life
am i in doubts of life
it all empty
all desolated
To look forward
i am ready to crawl on knees
and take you back,
you step ahead and find me there......

Lonely way ....

That orange sand,
Shows your way to heavy dunes...
That gray sky,
Sure to say you, blues are all in......
That horny way,
"Think again you are alone " is what do it express........
That smooth road with fresh tarmac,
Is that its never been foot prineted before..........
Heaps around, Life is long-winded to show you the humps of adversities.....
The diminish sunlight,
Gives  you warning of red light ahead......
That shadow far away,
makes you remind of some fake relation.....
And that desert,
which want to put across that you are with out water .....
Was i always same ,
Or i had some one shoulder to shoulder............
I hardly can locate that relation,
Whose smell i cannot make now.........
That manner is hidden down in..
Trying to grimace that old memories ....
Are they washed away ! Or am i just devising my flash be what i dont want Or what i can have...


Unable to see,
or intend to.

The crushed world,
with hard knocks.

The struggling moves,
which is difficult to turn up right.

The chaotic scenes,
makes eyes to drop down.

The hatred inbuilt,
ignorance around.

killings on raise,
squares away every good thing .

The unreasoning things,
Limits out to resolve.

The baneful voices,
Shutter the captured moments.

The Impoverishment,
never to end up.

The bloody relations,
messed and hooked up.

The pretending company,
easy to deceive

Indifference of creed,
vanished the purity indeed.

Am i called purblind,
or this is just my act.

What'z this now !

Today's WHAT"Z THIS GAME :-)

"A giant Bitch is  garbing lot of kids with her giant hands ,:- and i am afraid of it"


A game called WHAT'S THIZ !!!
If i say its transit mixer ,thats perfectly right ...but for now  we are playing a game ,here,CALLED what else this picture  seems to us rather than from its original view ,Comment and make it through......WHATS THIZ...WHATS THIZ..
For me it'z :-
"A mother who is expecting baby and is going to deliver it soon people are around her to hold the baby"

Fantasy or what !!!!!!!!

Portray in the mind,
Was a big world,
With edifices surrounding it,
On the top of it,
Was me,
Wearing that pink dress,
Looking through ,
I could see azure........and hush clouds....
Surrounding me,
With lot of unheard things,
Following each other,
It was me only,
And it was cascading on me,
I couldn't cogitate on it,
Wanted to be it like same,
No wake up alarm,
I wanted to lay on hammock,
It was so nonchalant,
All purity,
Love making its all ways,
So serene and stoic,
Leaving nerve-racking border far away,
Out of all ,may be that was Serendipity for me,
Was that me or some wraith,
I made out,
Something was good was in the offing,
And i was on the anvil,
Mad sure to give it wings,
yeah i was in the castle of air,
Made sure that my eyes wont open........
Wont open,
let me be in my dreams.........

Those black and white pictures.....

Down the street,
I was pondering ,
Do i need to live any more,
Am i still looking to live forward,
Does those dark shades of my life,
Been occupied,
Or am i blurred , my life is fading away,
My hands are cuffed,
My eyes have lied,
Every thing in blue,
Inspirations of life were just impersonation,
I blinked ,with what i had !!!!!
So i realized ,
I was living an obtuse life,
Shades over headed me,
No other way to break down this continuity of my living,
Y can't i just make that,
I am going no where ,with no image of what it can be,
Dark pots in and all.....
No ways viable,with out closing with what i have garbed in....
Was i sure about it,
Or im afraid of losing some thing,
Where does my values breath in,
Oh !!!!!!
Its blew over,Its blew over........

I can't see that happy going ,merry go world,
I had beautiful mind to view it,
But that was just for when i was 16,
Back in my colorful world,red,green,yellow.....
Hopping and jumping......

I had a picture in my mind,
These flying …

Dead reckoning......

Before scrolling down and reading what exactly it is make some guesses.

I was just out on my site (Drainage Site) ,when i got a call from other site to check  for storm water sumps.There was some problem with the levels,so i just had to check and i just orderd to dewater the sump! The sump is some what 10mt deep.....It was so hectic to dewater it and manage a person to send him down and clean the silt.and finally he went into it to clean the sump,i just went to check him when i saw these long boots and i was like oh ! God whats that,i was wondering what's it.....i tried to call this person,but it was not aduible for him to hear me ...i was waiting eagerly to ask him what was that !
And you know what ,i asked him temme what that long boots all about,what is that, and he was like what madam ,you talking about which boots..................Heheheeehehehe ,that was my boots,i kept that there................Wrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!!!!!

Down in the mouth......

Today again jagjit singh is hitting my adrenaline level !

I was just depressed with my life and was just playing this number and i guess this plays the reality of life !!!!!!
I was just thinking on it and on every word of it .......

Apni Marzi Se Kahan Apni Safar Ke Hum Hain
Rukh Hawaaon Ka Jidhar Ka Hai Udhar Ke Hum Hain
Pehle Har Cheez Thi Apni
Magar Ab Lagta Hai
Apne Hi Ghar Mein Kisi Doosre Ghar Ke Hum Hain,
Rukh Hawaaon Ka Jidhar Ka Hai Udhar Ke Hum Hain,
Apni Marzi Se Kahan Apni Safar Ke Hum Hain,
Waqt Ke Saath hai mitti ka safar sadiyoin sai,
kis ko maloom kidhat hai hum,
Rukh Hawaaon Ka Jidhar Ka Hai Udhar Ke Hum Hain,
Apni Marzi Se Kahan Apni Safar Ke Hum Hain,
Chaltaie rehtai hai ki chalna hai musafir ka naseeb
Soch rahtai hai kissa raha guzar tai hain hum
Rukh Hawaaon Ka Jidhar Ka Hai Udhar Ke Hum Hain ,
Apni Marzi Se Kahan Apni Safar Ke Hum Hain,

Happy Friendship Day !

Friends day,

Rose for friendship ,nothing can note it more than it so i choose this delineation for the day.....