An underlying truth

If you can breathe , Means you are exuberant , If you can’t feel, Means you are backwood, If you can walk, Means you are sturdy, If you don’t have hands to hold, Means you are frozen, If you get hurt, Means your body can retaliate , If you can’t love, Means your heart is over, If you have kids, Means u have family, If you don’t have time for them, Means you have nothing, If you have a life , Means you are living , If you have an ego, Means you are insubstantial . ~NM


Chariot :) said…
And if you can think then it means that you are still alive and that is the most beautiful gift ever received.....Once we have the understanding of this and have the patience to stick to this fact, we don't need anything else.... everything around us will come to life....Everydaty will be celebration..... You just have to be patient enough to let the Night be over and it will be over for sure....Let the Sun shine you !!!

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